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Rimma Arslanov
Born in 1978 in Hujant (Tajikistan), lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Selected solo exhibitions
2010 Dumdemanim, Kishon Gallery (Israel)
2010 Crawling marching, climbing, Baustelle schaustelle Gallery (Germany)
2009 Untitled War, Minshar Gallery (Israel)
Selected group exhibitions
2011 Snipers on a Can, ST-ART, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Jaffa (Israel)
2010 Identity, Plan D Gallery, Düsseldorf (Germany), curated by: Andrea Isa
2009 Draw me a hero, Gallery 10, Israeli Art Gallery at Beit Michal (Israel)

General statement about the exhibition

The artist grew up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In the year 2000 she emigrated to Israel where she studied art at the Avni Institute of Art and The School of Art Midrasha. The culture she absorbed during her childhood and teenage years in Uzbekistan was a unique combination of oriental and Muslim elements with a dominant influence of soviet culture. Emigrating to israel also left a significant mark on her, due to intense exposure to Western culture through the complex Israeli prism. Her biography plays an important role in relation to her body of work. Her artwork is directly formalistically and thematically linked to and articulated both via different levels of reference: Decorative vs. Modernist, East vs. West; Muslim vs. Christian (not in the religious sense, but in the visual aspect each religion represents). With time, she has chosen to explore those sets of cultural-social conflicts lying within her, by creating a constant confrontation between old and new within the artistic objects she creates. Her work revolves around a fantastic world with rules and codes of its own.



Anna Artaker
Born in 1978 in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna.
Selected solo exhibitions
2010 GESCHICHTE, Secession (Vienna)
2009 48 Köpfe aus dem Merkurov Museum, curated by: Hemma Schmutz, Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg
2009 Some of the names of Photoshop, Künstlerhaus (Vienna), curated by: Ursula Maria Probst
Selected group exhibitions
2012 Talk Show, Casa del Lago, (Mexico City), curated by: Pip Day
2011 BC21 Art Award, Belvedere Contemporary (Vienna)
2010 10.000 Lives, Gwangju Biennale (Gwangju), curated by: Massimiliano Gioni



Benni Efrat
Born in Beirut (Lebanon), lives and works in Israel.
Selected solo exhibitions
2000 Fist full of candies, fall 2048, Tel Aviv Museum (Tel Aviv), curated by: Pr. Moty Omer
1998 Nature’s factory, winter 2046, Israel Museum, (Tel Aviv), curated by: Dr. Shlomit Shakked
1997 Whitney Museum of American Art (New York), curated by: John Henhardt
Selected group exhibitions
1976 Round-A-Round, Palais des Beaux Arts (Brussels)
1981 Artist of Israel, The Jewish Museum (New York)
1984 Electra, Musée d’Art Moderne (Paris)
General statement about the exhibition
The Hebrew word rouah means in English: spirit, mind, disposition, intellect, passion, vanity, ghost, courage, soul, life, breath of life, wind, breeze, air. My statement about the rest:  close your eyes, open your mind and listen to the image.



Hadassa Goldvicht
Born in 1981 in Jerusalem, lives and works in New York.
Selected solo exhibitions
2011 Songs for the peacemaker, Marginal Utility Gallery (Philadelphia), curated by: David Dempewolf
2009 Schlaf, Marginal Utility Gallery (Philadelphia), curated by: David Dempewolf & Yuka Yukayoma
Selected group exhibitions
2012 Good Night, The Israel Museum (Jerusalem), curated by: Kobi Ben Meir
2010 No Soul for Sale, The Tate Modern (London), curated by: Diego Rotman and Lea Mauas
2009 Reinventing Ritual, The Jewish Museum (New York), curated by: Daniel Belasco

Lilla Khoor
Born in 1978 in Budapest, lives and works in Budapest.
Selected solo exhibitions
2010 Election Observers 1990-2010, Óbudai társaskör Gallery (Budapest)
2011 Lake Bánk Festival organised by Marom Hungary, Bánk
2008 50, Stúdió Gallery (Budapest)
Selected group exhibitions
2012 Women build a new country, Demo Gallery (Budapest), curated by: Nora Feigl
2008 Kwiaty naszego życia, Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Znaki Czasu (Toruń), curated by: Joanna Zielińska
2007 !REVOLUTION?, Kunsthalle (Budapest), curated by: Lívia Páldi



Nikifor Krynicki

Born in 1895 in Krynica (Poland), died in 1968 in Folusz. Lived and worked in Krynica
Selected solo exhibitions
2000 Nikifor – bajeczny świat Beskidów, Centrum Kultury Młodych (Łódź)
1967 Nikifor, Zachęta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki (Warsaw)
1959 Nikifor. Primitif Polonais,Galerie Dina Vierny (Paris)
Selected group exhibitions
2008 Nikifor–Dwurnik, Galeria Biała (Lublin)
1973 „Naiwni 73” – międzynarodowe spotkania ze sztuką naiwną, Galeria Sztuki Prymitywnej (Zagreb)
1964 Le Monde Des Naïfs, Musée d’Art Moderne (Paris)


Nikifor Krynicki, born Epifaniusz Drowniak, a polish painter of Lemko origin, considered one of the most remarkable painters of “naive” art in the history of painting. He was particularly attached to the town of Krynica and the region of Lemkivshchyna where he lived and worked. He was an illiterate self-taught painter, and his contact with the world was made difficult because of his partial deafness and a speech impediment. All his life he painted and begged, and gained recognition only when he was old. Nikifor is the creator of almost 40 thousand works, including watercolours, sometimes combined with gouache, tempera and oil works, and drawings with coloured pencils. He made his works on sheets and covers of notebooks, headed stationery, cardboard, chocolate and cigarette packets, wrapping paper, and Bristol board. He painted emotional cycles displaying primarily churches and the local landscape. The biggest collection of Nikifor’s paintings and drawings can be found at the Nowy Sącz District Museum.



Little Warsaw
artists’ collective (András Gálik and Bálint Havas) based in Budapest.
Selected solo exhibitions
2011 The Battle of Inner Truth, Trafó Gallery (Budapest)
2010 Later On, Ausstellungshalle Zeitgenossische Kunst (Munster)
2009 Ping-Pong, Lada Project Space (Berlin)
Selected group exhibitions
2012 One Sixth of the Earth. Ecologies of Image, MUSAC (León)
2011 Joy and Disaster, S.M.A.K. (Gent)
2010 Unmistakable Sentences, Ludwig Museum (Budapest)



Christian Mayer
Born in 1976 in Sigmaringen (Germany), lives and works in Vienna.
Selected solo exhibitions
2011 Scenic, Galerie Christian Nagel (Berlin)
2011 Les Vues d’Amérique du Nord, Apartment 2 (Los Angeles), curated by: Kathryn Andrews
2009 Gizmo, Galerie Mezzanin (Vienna)
Selected group exhibitions
2011 Museum der Wünsche, MuMoK (Vienna), curated by: Karola Kraus
2009 en vue... des manières de voir – la nature mise en images et en vitrine, Centre d’Art Passerelle (Brest), curated by: Ulrike Kremeier
2008 Principle Hope, Manifesta 7 (Trento), curated by: Adam Budak

General statement about the exhibition
History is very present in Vienna, even in my studio. It is situated in a building that was originally built for the World Exposition in 1873. Its name was the Pavillon des Amateurs and it served as a gallery to display art from all over the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After the World Fair it was re-designated as a studio building for artists, which it is to this day. I live with this history and try to make it my story.



Uri Nir
Born in 1976 in Tel Aviv, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Selected solo exhibitions
2011 Accelerator, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Tel Aviv), curated by: Nili Goren
2009 Tropic of Pulse, Braverman Gallery (Tel Aviv)
2009  Mommy, LaxArt (Los Angeles), curated by: Aram Moshayedi
Selected group exhibitions
2011 Art Matrix… Revisited, The Ford Project Curatorial Spotlight Program Art Middle East, Gallery Ford Project (New York), curated by: Nazy Nazhand
2011 Blowing on Hairy Shoulder – Grief Hunters, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Philadelphia, curated by: Doron Rabina



Boris Oicherman
Born in april 1973 in Leningrad, lives and works in Jerusalem.
Selected solo exhibitions
2012 Between the Cloud and the Clock, Art Currents Institute (New York), curated by: Holly Crawford & Joseph Diponio
2011 The case of Local Knowledge, Gros Gallery (Tel Aviv), curated by: Neomi Shalev
2011 Experiments in Closed Space, Gallery for Israeli Art (Kiriat Tivon), curated by: Tali Kohen-Garbuz
Selected group exhibitions
2012 Pacific Artists Fellowship, Chang-Dong National Art studio, The National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul)
2010 Sketches, The New Gallery (Jerusalem)
2006 Betrayed by the sense, OXO Tower Wharf (London)



Gábor Roskó
Born in 1958 in Budapest, lives and works in Budapest.
Selected solo exhibitions
2000 Lost ten, Galerie Zichy (Leiden), curated by: Susanne Jegesi
2002 Minjan, Óbudai Társaskör (Budapest), curated by: Gábor Andrási
2010 Berlin Preview (Berlin), curated by: Orsi Hegedüs
Selected group exhibitions
1999 Hungarian week, Hungarian Center (New Delhi), curated by: Attila Bogná
2002 Plastica dreams, Palace of exhibitions (Budapest), curated by: Zsolt Petrány
2005 Hungarian Cultural Days, China Millennium Monument (Beijing), curated by: Barnabas Bencsik



Julião Sarmento
Born in 1948 in Lisbona, lives and works in Estoril (Portugal).
Selected solo exhibitions
2011 What Makes a Writer Great, Museu da Electricidade (Lisboa), curated by: João Pinharanda
2010 Solo Display of Works in the Tate Collection, Tate Modern, Monograph Room (London), curated by: Vicente Todoli and Kyla McDonald
2004 Drift a Project by John Baldessari, Julião Sarmento and Lawrence Weiner, Miami Design District, The Moore Building Parking Lot (Miami Beach), curated by: Delfim Sardo
Selected group exhibitions
2011 Super 8, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco), curated by: Julião Sarmento, Richard T. Walker, Takehito Koganezawa, Tunga, Wood & Harrison, Marco Brambilla, Reynold Reynolds, Walker & Walker
2010 Sous la Dictée de l’Image. Um novo percurso pela Colecção Berardo, Museu Colecção Berardo (Lisboa), curated by: Jean-François Chougnet
2009 Mental Drawings. Monica Bonvicini, Teresita Fernandez, Carlos Garaicoa, Mona Hatoun, Roni Horn, Marc Quinn, Julião Sarmento, Rosemarie Trockel, Galleria Alessandra Bonomo (Roma), curated by: Ludovico Pratese



Josef Sprinzak
Born in 1962 in Jerusalem, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Selected solo exhibitions
2011 Bedtime Stories and Lullabies, “Vozes de Magaio” Project (Binaural), curated by: Luisa Costa
2008 Pigs, “Demons” International Show of Artists from Poland and Israel, Moby Museum (Bat Yam), curated by: Neomi Aviv
2007 Text Sound Poems, Europejski Festiwal Sztuki Performance, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski (Warsaw), curated by: Waldemar Tatarczuk
Selected group performances
2011 Many say yes (sound installation), “Schooling”, Moby Museum (Bat Yam), curated by: Tali Tamir i Meir Tati
General statement about the exhibition
My grandparents on my mother’s side were born in Galicia at the beginning of the 20th century, left Poland at an early age, and were always reluctant to tell my mother stories about their birthplace. I experience a gap of emotion and knowledge toward my family history regarding Galicia and the Habsburg Empire. I am looking for a vocal-lingual manifestation of my attitude of connection and detachment from this history. The subject choice is the Emperor Franz Josef, and I am writing pseudo-educational stories and prose fragments for children combining fact and fantasy, as might have been conceived or addressed to Galician Jewish children at that time.



Rona Fon Stern
Born in 1984 in Ra’anan (Israel), lives and works in Tel Aviv
Selected solo exhibitions
2011 War is peace, Gallery 39 (Tel Aviv), curated by: Dany Yahav Brown
Selected group exhibitions
2012 No wonder (Tel Aviv), curated by: Karni Barzilai
2011 Certified copy, Beit Ha’geffen – Cultural Arabic-Jewish Center (Haifa), curated by: Yaela Hazut
2011 Service station, in love art events (Tel Aviv), curated by: Danna Heller
General statement about the exhibition
This work was created following an introduction to the city of Nowy Sącz through wandering round various websites and Google images. My goal was to create a „gift” to the city. It is a souvenir from an imaginary visit by Rona Fon Stern and it may be used as a place for a secular rite. Rona Fon Stern is a made-up person I have created out from my private „European myth” derived from the children’s tales I heard from my grandfather and my grandmother who came from different European countries. Fon Stern is a European descendant of aristocrats, who lost her high position and was exiled to Palestine. Within the round shapes one can see folk dances from Israel and Galicia and the idealised countryside of both countries. A kibbutz in Israel and a rural house in Nowy Sącz. I chose to relate these ideals and traditions with my imaginary “me” in the centre in order to create a souvenir of a royal visit by an aristocrat who, despite the fact she does not exist, seeks the path to establishing her own personal myth.



Bálint Szombathy
Born in 1950 in Pačir (Serbia), lives and works in Budapest.
Selected solo exhibitions
2011 Activisms: Motion Pictures, Hungarian House of Photography (Budapest), curated by: Sándor Bátai
2011 Telephotographs, Municipality Museum (Rovinj), curated by: Dario Sošić

2005 szombathy art – Retrospective Show, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina (Novi Sad), curated by: Nebojša Milenković

Selected group exhibitions
2010 Promises of the Past – A Discontinuous History of Art in Former Eastern Europe, Centre Pompidou (Paris), curated by: Christine Macel & Joanna Mytkowska
2010 U3 – 6th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia (Ljubljana), curated by: Charles Esche
2008 Eksperyment w sztuce Jugosławii w Latach 60. i 70., Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej (Warsaw), curated by: Ana Jankovski



Jan Tichy
Born in 1974 in Prague, lives and works in Chicago.
Selected solo exhibitions
2012 MATRIX 164, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art (Hartford), curated by: Patricia Hickson
2010 01:37:24:05, Center for Contemporary Art (Tel Aviv), curated by: Sergio Edelstein
2008 12*12, Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), curated by: Celine Kopp
Selected group exhibitions
2011 Experimental Station, CA2M (Madrid), curated by: Virginia Torrente
2009 Family/Tree, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Tel Aviv), curated by: Ellen Ginton
2007 Fleeing Away From What Bothers You Most, Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall (Stockholm), curated by: Sarit Shapira



Arkadiusz Tomalka
Born in 1968 in Końskie (Poland), lives and works in Israel.
Selected solo exhibitions
2007 The Hollow Cast Project, Galeria-Studio Pracownia (Tel Aviv), self-curated

2003 Pokój z widokiem na syna, Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej Pałac Ujazdowski (Warsaw), curated by: Ewa Gorządek

1999 To All Paintly Retarted PVC Painters and for Jerry, Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej de Beyerd (Breda), curated by: Elly Staedman

Selected group exhibitions
2008 Mamma’s Boy, Shopping Mall Comme il Faut (Tel Aviv), curated by: Danna Heller

2001 Ilusion and Words, Galeria Ferdinad van Dieten (Amsterdam), curated by: Dominik van den Boogard

1998 Morning Glory, de Ateliers (Amsterdam), curated by: Dominik van den Boogard



Gil Yefman
Born in 1979 in Haifa, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Selected solo exhibitions
2011 In Return, Dvir Gallery (Tel Aviv)
2002 Omanut O manush in English – Art or Vagina (slang), senior exhibition, Bezalel (Jerusalem)
2000 Banana Split, ”Beit Haam“ Gallery (Tel Aviv)
Selected group exhibitions
2011 Body Without Body, Georg Kolbe Museum (Berlin)
2010 Madonna and Prince, Halalit (Tel Aviv)
2009 Animamix Biennial – Attract and Attack, MOCA (Taipei)
General statement about the exhibition
This work Eyes and Teeth is a large scale “see through” window curtain, made of knitted golden teeth and eyeballs arranged in Mandalas or Rosettes. The work aims to reflect upon the makeshift borderlines between human labour and freedom in juxtaposition with death and its economies. The curtain is the fruit of a trans-generational collaboration between Yefman and a Polish knitter.
“We are in the epoch of juxtaposition, the epoch of the near and far, of the side-by-side, of the dispersed. We are at a moment, ibelieve, when our experience of the world is less that of a long life developing through time than that of a network that connects points and intersects with its own skein”. [Michel Foucault, “Diacritics” 1986 (Spring,), vol. 16, no. 1.]



Cykl GALICJA. TOPOGRAFIE MITU realizowany w ramach projektu pn.
„Sztuka współczesna narodów dawnej monarchii austrowęgierskiej”. Projekt jest współfinansowany
przez Unię Europejską? w ramach Małopolskiego Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego na lata 2007-2013.